Sunday, October 6, 2019

Listening Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Listening Interview - Essay Example I learnt that J.P has been in the business for quite a long time and I felt he was the right person to interview since I believe he has more than enough experience (Kumar 2007). I am interested in this business because it involves games and since I love games, I believe if I can venture in it, I will be able to generate some income for myself and at the same time have fun as my main aim is to know how I can enjoy myself while I do the business. I wanted J.P to give me with full details on all the tricks of successfully making it in the business since it is a business, I have always dreamt of. After the interview with J.P, I learnt so many things that are needed to be able to make it in the games business industry. I learnt that in this business involving games stores, there are varieties of games types and most of them vary in terms of demand. I learnt from him that the business is different currently from that practiced back in the years because, today in business, the most important thing a person needs is enough space. J.P says so much space has since been taken over by other games. I also learnt that when there was a serious global crisis this business was not left out either, and because of the way J.P had mixed products in his stores he was able to survive the crisis somehow, and this has taught me that I should not ignore anything that I know has something to do with games. This means I should include all the items that are meant for sports even if they are dormant as they save situations once in a while. J.P made me know that if I want a successful business, I will have to be unique and different. When other stores are selling what they believe to be new and in high demand, I should have some items but mix them with the original ones including those that may be thought by people as dead products. I learnt that I would need to make an effort to have just everything in the store and have it as a one-stop store where a client is able to

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